• Hong Kong - Zhuhai - Macao Bridge

    Metal Scaffolding - Hanging Access Scaffold
  • Kowloon West Terminus Station

    Metal Scaffolding - Falseworks and Wokring Platforms
  • Passenger Clearance Building - HZMB

    Roof Cladding and Steelworks

Central Kowloon Route –Yau Ma Tei East – HY/2014/08

ClientBuild King - SKEC Joint Venture
Main Constractor: Build King - SKEC Joint Venture
Work Location: Yau Ma Tei, Kowloon
Duration: October 2018 – Present
Our Position: Design and Built Lump Sum Contractor
Our Duties: Plan, design, supply, erect, maintain and dismantle propping system to stabilize a building during excavation

The project consists of a tunnel road running adjacent to Old Yau Ma Tei Police Station which is a Grade 2 historic building (confirmed 18 Dec 2009). Due to the proximity of the excavation to the historic building underpinning works are to be carried out below the police station. As a precaution to the differential settlement our client came up with an idea to prop the entire police station internally on each floor so the building acts and a one solid block removing stresses from beams and columns. We were contacted by our client to plan the method of propping, design the propping, supply the material and erect/dismantle propping. We recommended our client the most efficient and cost effective method of propping. 

The project was particularly challenging as we had to follow the additional requirements from Antiquities and Monuments Office (AMO) of the Government which abstained us from making any physical damage/marks to the building. We had numerous changes in design and methods before and during the erection when coping with AMO requirements. We are currently in the maintenance stage and the props are expected to be dismantled in the year 2021.