• Hong Kong - Zhuhai - Macao Bridge

    Metal Scaffolding - Hanging Access Scaffold
  • Kowloon West Terminus Station

    Metal Scaffolding - Falseworks and Wokring Platforms
  • Passenger Clearance Building - HZMB

    Roof Cladding and Steelworks

West Kowloon Terminus Station North – Contract No.: XRL810A

Client: Leighton – Gammon Joint Venture
Main Constractor: Leighton – Gammon Joint Venture
Work Location: Austin, Kowloon
Duration: February 2015 – January 2018
Our Position: Lump Sum Subcontractor
Our Duties: Erect/dismantle access and shoring scaffolding using Modern, GT, Tube & Fitting and RMD systems. Interface with rebar, formwork, concrete and waterproofing subcontractors. Logistics and recordkeeping.

We were one of the three main scaffolding companies for Express Railway project. The project is on a lump sum basis with daywork for all variations. Our total contract value for this project was around HK$64 million. We have done virtually all forms of scaffolding for this job. We used ring lock system to provide access platform for steel-fixers, carpenters and concreters. We erected ad-hoc access towers, walkways, portals etc. using tube and fitting. We used ring lock and RMD system to erect falsework to offer shoring support for bridge and road constructions.