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    Metal Scaffolding - Hanging Access Scaffold
  • Kowloon West Terminus Station

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  • Passenger Clearance Building - HZMB

    Roof Cladding and Steelworks

Demolition of 3 Storeys Building

Our Client: Pacific Construction Limited
Main Contractor: Pacific Construction Limited
Work Location: Chinese Permanent Cemetery, Aberdeen, Hong Kong
Duration: Feb 2013 to April 2013
Our Position: Lump Sum Subcontractor
Our Duties: Top-down demolition of 3 storeys building including removal structural steel catch fan and bamboo scaffold

For this project we did the overall planning and demolition of a small building. Due to the site constraints, we were not allowed to use hydraulic mounted mechanical plant with boom arm. The front yard of the building was one any only access to other parts of the construction site. We were also not allowed to station a mini-excavator on top of the building for a top down demolition. This was because the building was an old construction and the structural integrity of the building was not verified to take up dynamic load of mechanical plants. As such, we proposed using manual demolition. We used hand-held pneumatic drills for demolition of the whole building and oxy-acetylene cutting to dismantle steel catch-fan. We also dismantled double-row bamboo scaffolding and safety net.