• Hong Kong - Zhuhai - Macao Bridge

    Metal Scaffolding - Hanging Access Scaffold
  • Kowloon West Terminus Station

    Metal Scaffolding - Falseworks and Wokring Platforms
  • Passenger Clearance Building - HZMB

    Roof Cladding and Steelworks

Slope Upgrading Works at Hung Shui Kiu – DH68/01/NT(II)

Client: Pacific Construction Limited
Main Constractor: Pacific Construction Limited
Work Location: Hung Shui Kiu, New Territories
Duration: November 2012 – May 2013
Our Position: Lump Sum Subcontractor (entire site)
Our Duties: Site formation, concreting, waterproofing, steel fixing, formwork, hoarding, welding, excavation and lateral support system, concrete coring etc…

We were responsible for planning and construction of reinforced skin walls, mass concrete walls, excavation and back-filling with artificial materials. We were also responsible for trees/vegetation removal, temporary supports to existing structures, temporary human accesses, relocation of shelters, sewage flow diversion, traffic access diversion etc. The construction process involved excavation, concreting, rebar fixing, water-proofing, metal scaffolding, concrete coring, grouting, formworks, falseworks, metal shoring, timber shoring, arc welding, flame cutting, carpentering, manual works etc. For the project, we excavated over 1500 cubic meter of soil, manually poured over 600 cubic meter of concrete by hand and fixed over 70 tons of reinforcement steel.